Monday, November 7, 2016

Not Without my Child?

One of the most frustrating things a parent can face is one child being invited to a special event, and the other is not invited. It can even happen if both children are attending the same school. It is even more frustrating is when they are both in the same grade. What can we do about the situation?
  • You could make a lunch date with your child left behind. Have some of their favorite foods that you might not consider with their sibling around.
  • Go to your local public library. Most offer a special event on a regular basis, and these events are free to the public.
  • Have a special play date between you and your child left behind. Let them chose the activity or game that you two do together.
  • Play their favorite movie or television show and watch it together.
I know it is not easy in life when one of your children is being left out of an activity. However, you can make it a special time for them by spending some quality parent child time together. I know it does not make up for the rejection. However, you can make it for some quality special time between the two of you.

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