Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bored in Class?

School can become boring when you are not challenged enough as a student academic wise. You ask the teacher for more work, and it does not work. There are things you can do without bothering the teacher or other students.
  • Research your favorite subjects or topics in the school library. You can find books on any particular subject there in a book.
  • Want more challenging work or a more advanced class? Consider challenging yourself with your schoolwork such as turning your spelling and vocabulary words into a story instead of just sentences.
  • See if you can use the classroom computer to play the games on it. There are good learning games which can be quite challenging on it.
  • Bring in art supplies or a coloring book with the teacher's permission and use them.
School can be boring for students who are not being challenged enough in class. There are teachers who do not know how to challenge them. When you do it right, you can challenge yourself in the classroom instead of being bored.

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