Saturday, October 1, 2016

Secrets and Teenagers

It is amusing at times when they think that they can keep a secret from a teenager, and it is an interesting situation when it concerns one who can drive. I do admit that I think it is better to keep it private single or divorced parents dating from their young kids in the beginning. However, it is not always possible when you have a teenager.
I came across an interesting situation in real life and not at school. A father kept his girlfriend a secret from his 17 year old son, and he never told his girlfriend that he had kids. His girlfriend came over when his son was not there, and the father of the son was not home. The son forgot something at Dad's place and went to retrieve the item. Both were surprised when the son arrived. She threatened to call the police on the son, and he did call the police. The girlfriend was removed after the son showed the police officer proof that he lived there. The ex was angry to say the least.
In this situation, I do not blame the anger being there on the police being called. However, he placed both of them in an awkward situation when both discovered the truth about him dating. The moral of the story is that it is harder to keep a secret from a teen driver than you think in life. The lie catches up to you at some point.

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