Sunday, October 16, 2016

Save Money at a Restaurant?

Prices never seem to go down, but they always seem to go up on a regular basis in society. The same holds true for restaurants and dining out. You want to cut down your budget, but you want to still eat out. There are ways to save and still eat out.
  • Subscribe the restaurant's email lists because most restaurants will offer discounts on a regular basis.
  • Eat out at lunch time if you can. There are restaurants who offer great deals on their lunch menu compared to their dinner menu prices. Just be careful to pay attention to when the lunch menu is offered by the restaurant.
  • Do not order an appetizer.
  • Order water with or without lemon. There is a huge write up on soda and other beverages at a restaurant. Just make sure to say no to bottled water if they have it on the menu.
  • Eat dessert at home unless there is a really good offer on dessert there on the price.
  • Seek out and dine at Kids eat Free Restaurants. It happens on certain days during a specific time period.

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