Sunday, October 23, 2016

No Food in the House?

At times, you hear the most interesting stories while being out of the house. I came across an interesting story where one woman complained about their Mom said there was no food in the house. She could not believe that her Mom said that.
The funny thing is that the woman had plenty of food according to her. She kept a large stock of healthy snacks and foods for her son. She had loads of fruits and vegetables for him. Her Mom would have known this if she had asked her grandson because he was in elementary school at the time.
When I got home, I thought about the conversation and her complaints. I began to wonder how often we discuss our parenting strategies with our parents before having them babysit? I doubt very often because we fear being criticized.
A solution that I came upon after thinking about it is that maybe we should have an adult conversation about snacks and food before we have our parents babysit our kids. It should especially happen if it involves healthy eating with our kids.

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