Sunday, October 9, 2016

Do They Need Eye Glasses?

One of the biggest adjustment problems in school is when our children need eye glasses. At school age, children hate being different in life from their peers. How can we as parents help our children adjust to wearing eye glasses?
  • Help them pick out cool glasses within your budget. Let them know before they enter the store that there are many styles to select from.  Tell them I bet you could find a pair of glasses that make the other kids jealous in how cool you look in them with the right pair.
  • Remind them struggling with reading makes them feel and look different from other students in their eyes. Mention that minor differences between themselves and the other students are noticed easier than they think in life.
  • Read a book together about wearing glasses. Books can provide both interesting and fun insights into wearing glasses for young students.
  • If you wear glasses yourself, share your own personal stories of how glasses made your life easier since wearing them. Young children love hearing our personal stories in life.
  • Finally, remind them that everyone needs help at some point in their life. Let them know that glasses are meant to help them since reading is an important part of every day life.
The adjustment to wearing new eye glasses is never easy with children. It can be made easier when you work with them in helping them adjust with the right approach in life.

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