Monday, September 12, 2016

Frustrated with Reading Homework Conflict?

Homework can be frustrating enough to get your child to do it at times. It seems the worse conflicts happen over reading homework. Fights and tantrums can happen. You wonder if the school is doing enough for your child on teaching them to read. There are things you can do to help.
  • Model to your child about your interest in reading. Children pick up your good qualities in life when it comes to work and school related matters.
  • Work with your child's teacher before it becomes a major problem. They might have some ideas on how to help your child with doing their homework.
  • Try video games for sight words if your child loves video games. There are some really good programs out there to help them, and some are free. You can find games at PBSKids, PrimaryGames, ABCYa!, and RoomRecess.
  • Try reading some other books besides their school books. There are some really fun pattern books that you can find at your local public library or bookstore.

It does take time to find the right approach that works with your child when it comes to doing homework. However, it is possible to get it done without a fight or tantrum when the magic approach is figured out.

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