Thursday, September 29, 2016

Encouraging More Reading?

It seems like every day that there is a push to encourage our children to read more. It comes from the television, the government, schools, and more. What can we do as parents? It can be complicated when your child's reading level does not match their grade level. You do not always need to pay for a tutor at times to help out. What can we do to make it more fun for our kids?
  • Check with your child's teacher to see if they recommend any books for your child on their reading level. I know your child's teacher is busy. However, they do love to encourage good reading habits in their students to last a lifetime.
  • If you are on a budget, your local public library has an excellent selection of children's books. If they do not have a particular book, you can order it, and it will be sent to your local public library at no cost to you.
  • Take advantage of audio books or movies based on books. This can sometimes spark their interest in a particular book.
  • There are computer reading games out there, and these games can make reading or learning fun for your child.
  • Take turns reading with your child. You could read one paragraph, and they could read the next paragraph.
  • When your child reads, pick up a book and read yourself. Set a time when both of you can do it at the same time. Children learn by your actions and your words.
I know that homework can be a chore at times for both you and your child. However, there are ways to make it less of a chore for both of you.

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