Thursday, September 8, 2016

But What About Snacks?

One of the most frustrating issues inside the classroom has to do with food these days at school. It can cause a lot of conflict between parents and the teachers. 
At one time, it was not much of an issue like when we were growing up, and we often shared food with each other. Unfortunately, a lot has changed since we were growing up and attended school. Much has changed in regards to school policy and government regulations. Schools are becoming more careful because there are schools that do not have an assigned school nurse assigned to the school full time. When this happens, the school bans or forbids certain types of food. Unfortunately, part of this problem has to do with school budget cuts or limiting property tax increases in the area.
Please have patience with your child's teacher and try to work with them on it. Just like you want your child's allergies and disability to be taken into consideration, you have to realize the school is obligated to do it for other parents, too. You could be saving another child's life in the process.

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