Friday, August 12, 2016

Other Parents are Watching?

You would be surprised at times who you encounter when you are at your local grocery store, and you might not realize it at the time. I know that we live in a busy society at the moment. However, you do have to realize that other parents do watch what you are doing and are making judgments at any given time. You might not know every parent in your child's classroom. However, your child does recognize every child assigned in their classroom. 
You might be tempted to put down an ingredient that is not a food allergy on your child's school paperwork. You think nothing of doing it at the particular time. Your child's teacher does take this into consideration and warns the other parents about food allergies when it comes to classroom snacks for the entire classroom.
Other parents do take food allergies seriously when it comes to bringing snacks. However,  you never know when you will encounter another parent from your child's classroom while you are grocery shopping. If you purchase something that contains a food product your child is supposedly allergic to, you could be spotted by another parent at the time. The whole situation can make the other parent pretty angry and upset after witnessing it.
Just remember, please be very thoughtful and truthful when you complete your child's school forms when it comes to food allergies. You might not hear how upset the other parent is that you encounter, but the situation can upset both the other parent and the other child after it is done.

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