Friday, August 26, 2016

Having Trouble With Homework?

Homework can be a struggle at times for parents to get their children to complete it. It has gotten better at being able to track it and hold your child accountable for it. What can you do when your child refuses to complete their homework and turn it in?
  • Encourage your child to play for 15 minutes before starting homework. You have to realize that your child has been sitting down most of the day at school. They could still feel full of energy waiting to come out. It could help them complete their homework better.
  • Give extra television or computer time if they complete their homework without complaining or delaying. If your child loves either of these, it could be a method of encouragement.
  • Have your child do their homework in a public place where you can watch them.
  • Have them read a book or play an educational game if they do not have homework or claim not to have it. This can help you establish a routine with them.
  • Read a book or share a book with your child during the reading portion of homework. Always remember that you are your child's best role model when it comes to reading or learning.
  • Let your child deal with the consequences of not doing or turning in homework. Do not always blame the teacher for losing it. There will be children who refuse to turn in assignments and blame the teacher.
Just remember, it takes time for your new homework strategy to work. Have patience with your new plan in place. Your child can turn it into a battle of wills just like any other subject in life.

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