Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back to School Shopping Already?

The school year is about to start, and you have your school supplies list already. You begin to cringe at the thought of the costs of sending your child back to school. You begin to wonder how you can save money while getting your child the required school supplies. There are nine ways to save money while handling your child's school supply list.
  • Check your child's backpack from the previous school year for school supplies. Believe it or not, there are common items always on the school supply list that do not vary from grade to grade.
  • Buy a good quality backpack because it will last longer than the cheaper ones. At times, the character backpacks do not last as long as a quality backpack.
  • Comparison shop between the different stores in your area for the best deals on school supplies. Most stores have a website, and it will list their sales on school supplies.
  • Check office supply stores for deals on back to school supplies. There will be times when they offer a better deal than the discount stores.
  • Consider back to school shopping by yourself for some products. You have to realize that your child might be drawn to more expensive products such as character backpacks.
  • Price match products with store circulars when possible. There are stores who will match or beat their competitor's prices.
  • Shop your local thrift store for jeans and gym shorts. You can save money while helping a good cause.
  • Check the store's clearance bin for deals. You can find discontinued products at a great price because they are trying to clear the inventory.
  • Purchase enough supplies to last for the first day of school, and then return after school starts for the clearance sales. Stores stock up more than they often need of products in order not to turn away potential customers.
I hope you and your child have a great school year full of fun and interesting learning adventures throughout the year for the both of you!

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