Monday, August 8, 2016

Any Sports Programs Available?

With the Olympics happening right now, I thought to share some sports organizations that I have come across over time. I have encountered parents who wonder what is available to them when their child is diagnosed with a disability. There are a variety of different sports available with some being free and some do have a participation fee associated with them.
  • Special Olympics is a sports training and competition program that is available for a variety of different sports.
  • For individuals who are deaf, there is the Deaflympics which offers a variety of different sports training and competition programs.
  • For those who love soccer, there is the TOPSoccer program.
  • There are team and recreational sports programs available for blind individuals through Blind Sports Organization.
  • For those who dream of playing baseball, there is Challenger Little League which is available through the Little League Baseball organization.
Have fun and enjoy!

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