Thursday, July 28, 2016

Traveling with Friends

Traveling can be expensive for any reason. There are times when you have an opportunity to save money while traveling when a friend offers to take your family or child on vacation with them. What are somethings to take into consideration when traveling with friends?
  • If there are rules to your vacation accommodations, let them know them in advance. Make sure they acknowledge them before you leave. Have a plan of action if they refuse to live up to the rules for the future.
  • See if you can limit or block charges to the room and room service. Room service is expensive and is billed to the room.
  • Talk about money before you leave on vacation, and how things will be handled during the vacation. It could save some very nasty arguments while on vacation.
  • Plan how each family or person if traveling with friends will handle restaurant bills if eating together. There have been people who leave the restaurant when dining with friends and family before the bill is paid leaving someone else to pay the bill even after they agreed to split the bill.
  • Plan how transportation costs will be handled such as traveling to the location and the rental car if applicable. Just remember if you add another driver to your car rental, there can be additional costs to your car rental bill.
Just remember to have fun while you are traveling!

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