Monday, July 4, 2016

Saving on Travel

Travel can be expensive at times even for the most frugal of travelers. Did you know there are ways to make travel more affordable over time. I am including some helpful tips to cut down on your travel budget.
  • Take advantage of the rewards program of your favorite airline, hotel, and car rental places. They will sometimes offer you discounts immediately or over time.
  • Seek alternative airports if you live close to a few of them. Some have a higher cost than others and especially if it is a smaller airport at times.
  • Schedule wisely when it comes to airfare. There are cheaper times and days to travel. Compare all of your options before booking.
  • Pay attention to whether your hotel offers free wifi or internet surfing before you start using your computer. Not all hotels offer this option to you and will charge you.
  • Pay attention to travel or restaurant deals because there can be certain exclusions to the offer.

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